Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long time, no see.

Not apologizing.  Life is hard.  Sometimes I forget to document it.

Updates out of the way:  Butterfly garden was a total success and I can't wait to make it bigger next year!  Hurrican Irene...came and went with a minimum of drama.  Earthquake, first in my life! Rescued a new dog.  Had 3 whole weeks off from grad school and it was wonderful.  I didn't do a damn thing.

New semester is starting and I am getting back in the swing of homework.  I am also working on some artsy-fartsy-crafty projects and they are calming me, and I'm actually getting excited to keep going with them.  Just what I needed. 

Maybe I'll elaborate on some of these topics.  That sounds like something a good writing instructor would say to do...