Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taste of Summer

Yesterday, I had one of those delicious moments where it semed like summer really was just around the corner.  Finally.  Its been a crazy long winter here on the East Coast.  It's been winter since 2005.  Nary a ray of sunshine or day over 40 degrees in years.

But yesterday...ah, yesterday...

Finished a full day of being stuck inside, in a room without windows, with the knowledge that it was 8-stinkin-5 degrees out!  85!  Holy crap!  FYI.  Middle schoolers start to smell at around 75 degrees. 

Walked outside, no jacket.  Kid client waiting outside the school for his ride, waves at me, looks so happy to be free.  I miss how that feels.  I get reminded every summer when I'm done for the school year, but its just a taste of how that felt at 12 years old. 

Hop in my car, its so hot, but I don't even care! Turn the ignition and Jack Johnson starts blaring out of my speakers.  Windows down, and I'm rolling to get an iced coffee before night class.

In 3 months, I'll be bitching about all of this.  The hotness of the car.  The fact that the second it turns warm, the local radio stations become unable to play anything BUT Jack Johnson and Bob Marley.  Bugs flying in my open windows.  Ice in the coffee melts before I get where I'm going. 

But for now, I'll take it.

Or, rather...I took it.  Today, a mere 24 hours later, it is cold as balls and rainy.  And I've been bitching about that all day.

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