Saturday, June 11, 2011

I suck.

I so desperately wanted to make a butterfly garden this year.  I researched the hell out of the things.  Came up with a list of plants that will attract regional butterflies.  Made my husband pay someone to grind out the friggin "tree of hell" stump and fill the whole mess with dirt.  Started things from seed.  Bought already grown plants.  Planted.  Weeded.  Watered.  Waited.

What do I got?

Nothing.  Shit won't grow. Shit keeps getting eaten.  Its depressing.  Little seedlings just sitting there.  And I'm like, "you're supposed to be GROWING.  That means to increase in size.  Not just sitting there looking like midgets."

I"ve got 4 square feet of plants that think they're little people.  AND WHERE ARE THE DAMN BUTTERFLIES?  I ain't seen one!!!!

All these dreams...I wanted my garden to be the white molester van of the butterfly kingdom.  Luring them all to my yard.

No go.

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